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Hi I'm Zina

I'm a personal finance writer, speaker, and money coach. I've been nominated for freelance writing awards, helped people pay off thousands in debt, and blogged for over 10 years.

But, I used to struggle with money too. I ate out often, couldn't save, and bought unnecessary clothes. In 2011, I graduated with $24,000 in student loans, earning just $28,000 yearly and hating my job.

The worst part? I couldn't use retail therapy to feel better because I barely covered bills. So, I learned to budget and take control.

In three years, I paid off my student loans and started saving for retirement. Now, I have a great closet and a healthy bank account. I also help others as a Certified Financial Health Counselor and Student Loan Counselor, with recognition as a three-time Best Personal Finance Contributor/Freelancer finalist.




Student loan
debt paid off in 3 years


Best personal finance
contributer finalist

I sought out Zina’s help to help me figure out a way to pay off my debt as quickly as possible. She was extremely patient with me and offered simple, practical tips to create big gains. I'm so thankful for her assistance and recommended her help and services to many of my friends.

Lauren - Coaching Client

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