How I save money on clothes and hobbies

A couple weeks ago I recorded a podcast about my debt journey. One of the comments that the interviewer made was about how I had to get creative to find ways to save money while paying off debt.

I get most of my books from the library and most of my movies from Netflix. But if I do want to buy something, I scour used DVD stores (where I picked up 5 copies for $12 last week) and ebay for the best prices.

I love to do embroidery so I ask my mom to keep an eye out for floss and hoops at yard sales. Sometimes she can grab bags of embroidery floss for $2. I also discovered a local store that sells used craft supplies for more than 50% off. I can usually find bags of beads and collage material for $1 each.

I’m a huge fan of clothes shopping at Goodwill and other thrift and consignment stores. Yes, it can take a while to find something. And no, I don’t buy everything from there. But I only head to the mall once I’ve exhausted other options.

I buy quality. When I needed a black blazer, I went to the Gap (after searching through my favorite used stores). I got the blazer for $24 after additional sales and opening a Gap credit card. When I want new jeans, I go to Plato’s Closet, where I can get designer brands for $40.

I’m petite and short so finding things that fit can be tough. That’s partially why I’m taking a sewing class next month. This way I can learn how to hem my own pants, take in my own shirts and fix some of my favorites when they get old and worn.

The key is to be careful of what you buy. I don’t buy books I haven’t read or movies I haven’t watched. I buy clothes only when I need them. Since I spend so much time finding a good price, I make sure I only buy what I really want.

I don’t have a big closet, but I love my clothes. I spend more now on accessories and jackets so I can mix up my outfits without new shirts or pants all the time. Yes, I have to get creative. But that doesn’t mean I don’t look good or can’t enjoy my hobbies.

If you want the best price on new or gently worn clothes, check out ThredUp! I recently discovered it and fell in love. You can buy name brand clothes at a fraction of the price, plus get paid to sell your unwanted clothes! Note: this is an affiliate link.

How do you save money on your hobbies? Share your tips below!

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