Setting a date

Setting a target date for debt payoff

I started this blog because I hate debt.

Debt weighs me down. Every time I want to see a movie or go out for dinner, I feel guilty. I have debt, I think. I shouldn’t be allowed to have fun.

I feel guilty for all those careless nights in college when I drank and ate with no thought about how I was paying for it. I worked throughout those four years, but I also had loans that covered half of my tuition.

Now, a year and a half after graduating, I am determined to pay off my student loans within three years. I’m setting a date: Dec. 15, 2015.

Right now I’m on a payment plan to have the debt gone in four years. Ideally I’d like to clear it in two years, but that will depend on me finding cheaper housing and increasing my income.

I’ll chronicle my attempts to pay off my debt, save money and live well. I will post my frugal tips as well as the mistakes I make. [Tweet “I’m not a money expert, just one more person trying to live without a financial cloud over my head. “] Now I’m setting a date for that cloud to dissipate.

What’s your debt payoff deadline? Leave it in the comments!


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