My debt is like “Fatal Attraction”

My friend Melanie runs Dear Debt, a blog that chronicles her attempts to pay off $81,000 worth of student loans. She let me write a “Dear Debt” letter where I got to say goodbye to my own financial baggage.

Out of all the guest posts I’ve written over the last few months, this has been one of my favorites. My debt only existed on paper, so writing a letter to something that felt more visceral than it actually was felt so cathartic.

Here’s an excerpt from my letter:

Debt, you have made me CRAZY.  If our relationship was a movie, it would be “Fatal Attraction” or for a more recent example (because Debt, I keep forgetting, you’re only a toddler), the 2009 thriller “Obsessed” starring Beyonce and Idris Elba.

Check out the rest of my letter here. And while you’re there, see what other “Dear Debt” letters people have written. Thanks Melanie for letting me share my story!


My debt is like the movie Fatal Attraction. Click to find out why!

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