One year later and a look back


One year later, and how my debt repayment is going.About a year ago I started this blog to chronicle my attempt to pay off my student loans. In that year, I have paid off more than $10,000 worth of student loans. Let’s take a look back!

How have I done this?

  • I moved from a one-bedroom apartment to a three-bedroom duplex. Savings: $359/per month
  • I moved to the same city as my boyfriend and stopped driving 6 hours to visit him every weekend. Savings: $150
  • I started earning more at my new job. Savings: $100

Not a bad look back!

These are big changes, but if you can’t move right now, get a new job or decrease your car expenses, there are other things you can do. Cut down your shopping and buy used. Stock up on food from Costco and cut back on restaurants.

What I’ve done in the past year is attainable. I don’t skip vacations and I still buy nice clothes. I’m just smarter about the money I spend.

In the next year I hope to pay off my loans entirely. How will I do it? Keep reading and you’ll find out.



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