Reasons Why You Need to Create a Will

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A will is a gift you give your family or those you love. It is a gift because it allows easier administration of your estate once you’re gone. You don’t want your family fighting over who gets what. With that said, we can say that dying without a will is a curse to the grieving family.

Despite the fact that everyone living now will sooner or later join the afterlife, many still don’t have a will. And why is that?

Lack of education. Considering creating a will? Good idea! Here's why you need to create a will, even if you're single. Sponsored by Challenge a Will.

Because of this, hundreds of families fight over the assets of a relative who died without a will. However, writing a will on your own does not guarantee the will’s legitimacy. You must hire lawyers to help you draft it.

Likewise, if you are in doubt of a will your loved one left, a lawyer can also assist you to void it. In Australia, if you are contesting a will, NSW, QLD, ACT and other Australian states have local lawyers to help you. Some of them even provide free consultations. All you need is search online to find the best firms. A good lawyer will help you go through the process of writing a will or maybe challenging one.

Now let’s get you started on the reasons why creating a will is a must: Because someone has to look out for the kids. If you are a parent, think of your kids. Don’t just assume that your parents or your relatives will take care of your little ones after your death. If you want a specific family member to step up and take care of your children, but that person is not a next of kin, you can designate him or her through your will. It could be your best friend or a trusted distant relative for instance.

To keep your family from fighting. Why would you leave your family in turmoil? Many people make the mistake of designating one of their children as their estate’s executor. Most experts warn against this since it can create tension among siblings. Choose someone else that you trust, whether it’s a trusted friend or even your attorney. Ensure that it’s not someone who is a major beneficiary of your will. If you want an attorney to handle your will, set aside funds in the estate to pay the necessary fees.

You can save your family from worrying. Family is sometimes all we’ve got in this world. After you’ve created your will, don’t let it be a secret to the family. And don’t wait for someone else to ask “have you created a will?” because that will be awkward and it might hurt your feelings. It’s not that they expect you to die anytime soon, they’re just worried!

Because you’ll prevent the state from stepping in. You need to clearly designate whom you want to receive your asset, especially if you have a non-traditional family. If you leave it up to the State to decide, they will generally hand over everything to your next of kin. That’ll be a disaster if that’s not how you want your state to be given.

How to save money when writing a will?

The quickest way is of course to commission an attorney to help you create one. You may find affordable online legal services, which offers state-specific wills made by professional attorneys for the public. These companies provide free consultations, so you must take advantage of it.

You can also do it yourself, but first you need to read up on self-help books and resources online or from the local library. However, you may create some errors that would prove a disaster in the future, so have it proofread by a legal professional as well.

Yes, even if you’re single, create a will!

Considering creating a will? Good idea! Here's why you need to create a will, even if you're single. Sponsored by Challenge a Will.

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