Less than $10,000 of student loans left!

Today I celebrate a happy day. Today my student loans are in the single digits!

I used to read about people with $10,000 worth of student loans and get so jealous. Even now I almost can’t believe that in 11 months, I will be debt free.

Even though I am getting closer to my goal, I’m still learning more about my relationship with money. I’m a perfectionist and it’s easy to get discouraged when you want your finances to be perfect.

Even when I pay off my loans,  I will still worry about money. Am I saving enough,  when will I be able to buy a house, can I afford to move somewhere else. Just because I won’t owe any money to Sallie Mae doesn’t mean I will feel financially secure.

I’m a worrier and I will probably always be a worrier. But just as I’m chipping away at my loans,  one dollar at a time, I need to chip away at my emotional issues with money.

I have hit the $10,000 mark! My debt repayment plan & more.

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